In the Press


Old journalist meets new journalist. Ain’t that tweet?
Brian O’Neill, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – October 5, 2017

HughShows Featuring Foo Conner and Morgan Erina 
Hugh Twyman, PCTV – April 6, 2016

What Occupy Wall Street Did for Our Future
Claudia Eslahpazir, Cause an Effekt – December 2015
Interview –

Next Up: Foo’s Schedule this Week
Jennifer Baron, Next Pittsburgh – September 13th, 2014
Feature –


Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return To Zuccotti Park After Thousands-Strong Times Square Turnout
Staff, CBS New York – October 15th, 2011

Welcome to Skatopia: Eighty-Eight Acres of Anarchy in the USA
Travis Dove, Rolling Stone Magazine – August 1, 2008


After Randyland’s namesake loses partner, friends chip in with crowdfunding
Joyce Hanz, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Mention – January, 2019

Apple or Android? For software developers, it’s usually both at work, one at heart.
Courtney Linder, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Commentator – January, 2019

Mattress Factory Celebrates 40th Anniversary
PQ Staff, Pittsburgh Quarterly
Sighting – August 24, 2017

Fanfare: Attack Theatre’s One Night Stand at the Ace Hotel in East Liberty
Kate Benz, The Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Sighting – February 14, 2016

Homelessness, Hoarders Boyfriends, and My Pal Foo
Carolyn Elliot, Witch Magazine
Story – November 20, 2015

Pittsburgh Global Shapers connects with World Economic Forum in Davos
Natalie Bencivenga, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Project – February 2, 2015

City’s plan for Strip flummoxes vendors
Tom Fontaine – The Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Seen Out – September 20th, 2014

As a Photographer

Pittsburgh: Appalachia’s Resourceful Creative City
Devin Barroga, Progrss
March 13th, 2017

Fans Give Back to Beloved Pittsburgh Artist and Dying Partner
Julie Compton, NBC News
March 29, 2017