About Foo

Hey, I’m Foo! Welcome to my website, which I only made because my agent kept insisting I have one. 

I want to make the world suck a little less. I founded a media outlet where my team and I cover current events, review new gadgets, and travel to interview today’s leaders. When I’m at home, I enjoy welcoming people from all over the world who visit the colorful museum I run. 

2019 Note: I am phasing out my old screen name @iwasaround; I can now be found @fooconner. My coverage + team can be found under @jekkonews. This notice will be removed when Google updates.

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What I'm Working On


I started a news outlet called Jekko; In five years I've covered breaking news, presidential races, and interviewed the world's top leaders. Now I have a team that helps with that.


I spread happiness by running Randyland - an art museum with a message of peace, joy, and love. I welcome thousands of visitors and aim to build the largest international welcome house.


On the weekends I join friends and make super hero gadgets straight out of the movies. Don't call it cosplay, each prototype actually works.